About Professor Helen Watt

Research interests

Educational psychology: Motivation, Occupational choice, STEM engagement and pathways, Gender, Teacher development

Methods: Measurement and scale construction, Quantitative methods, Longitudinal analyses, Mixed methods

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Selected publications

  • Watt, H., Ehrich, J., Stewart, S., Snell, T., Bucich, M., Jacobs, N., Furlonger, B., English, D. (2018). Development of the psychologist and counsellor self-efficacy scale. Higher Education, Skills and Work-based Learning, Online first. [More Information]
  • Viete, R., Plowright, S., Watt, H., Faine, M., Joseph, C. (2018). Discourses, voices, contradictions and silences in Malaysia's education reform: About this book and its editor. In C. Joseph (Eds.), Policies and politics in Malaysian education: Education reforms, nationalism and neoliberalism, (pp. 215-224). Abingdon: Routledge.
  • George, S., Richardson, P., Watt, H. (2018). Early career teachers' self-efficacy: A longitudinal study from Australia. Australian Journal of Education, 62(2), 217-233. [More Information]
  • Richardson, P., Watt, H. (2018). Teacher professional identity and career motivation: A lifespan perspective. In P. A. Schutz, J. Hong, D. C. Francis (Eds.), Research on teacher identity: Mapping challenges and innovations, (pp. 37-48). Cham: Springer. [More Information]
  • Gniewosz, B., Watt, H. (2017). Adolescent-perceived parent and teacher overestimation of mathematics ability: Developmental implications for students' mathematics task values. Developmental Psychology, 53(7), 1371-1383. [More Information]