About Associate Professor Judy Anderson

Judy is Associate Professor in mathematics education, Director of the STEM Teacher Enrichment Academy, and a member of the University Academic Board.

Judy has conducted research into inservice and preservice teachers' beliefs and practices with a particular focus on problem solving. With colleagues in the Faculty she is undertaking research into middle years students' motivation and engagement in mathematics as well as middle years teachers' inquiry-based learning. She has worked in many primary and secondary schools as a critical friend and academic partner. Judy is also exploring teachers' use of NAPLAN data as well as teachers' perceptions of pre-service teachers' readiness to teach during their first professional experience.

Research interests
Research on teaching and learning

  • Mathematics education K to University
  • Learning and teaching in higher education
  • STEM Education
  • Teacher education and professional learning
Keywords: mathematics, teacher professional development, teachers' beliefs and practices, student motivation and engagement, problem solving

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Selected publications

  • Tytler, R., Williams, G., Hobbs, L., Anderson, J. (2019). Challenges and opportunities for a STEM interdisciplinary agenda. In B. Doig, J. Williams, D. Swanson, R. Borromeo Ferri, P. Drake (Eds.), Interdisciplinary mathematics education: The state of the art and beyond, (pp. 51-81). Cham: Springer.
  • Collie, R., Martin, A., Bobis, J., Way, J., Anderson, J. (2019). How students switch on and switch off in mathematics: Exploring patterns and predictors of (dis)engagement across middle school and high school. Educational Psychology, 39(4), 489-509. [More Information]
  • Anderson, J., Kriesler, A. (2018). Making maths matter: Engaging students from low SES schools through social justice contexts. 42nd Annual Conference of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education (PME 2018), Umea: PME.
  • Geiger, V., Anderson, J., Hurrell, D. (2017). A case study of effective practice in mathematics teaching and learning informed by Valsiner's zone theory. Mathematics Education Research Journal, 29(2), 143-161.
  • Tully, D., Poladian, L., Anderson, J. (2017). Assessing the creation of value in a community of practice linking pre-service and in-service mathematics teachers. 40th Annual Conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (MERGA 40), Adelaide: MERGA Inc.