About Dr Devanshi Seth

To advance knowledge and practice for the treatment of alcoholic liver injury by investigating novel mechanisms for diagnosis and therapy.

Dr Seth is the first to characterize the gene expression profiles in progressive alcoholic liver disease in human and the baboon which has led to identification of novel and potential diagnostic and therapeutic molecules.

Dr Seth characterised the gene expression profiles in the progressive alcoholic liver disease (ALD) for the first time in human and the baboon. DNA microarray was employed to generate gene expression profiles in this disease compared to non-diseased liver. The work identified several key processes (fibrogenesis, fibrinolysis, metabolism, trafficking) that shift profiles as the disease progresses. The work also identified novel molecules and pathways not previously known in alcoholic liver injury. A three-year grant from the NHMRC/DVA (CIA, Dr Haber: 2003-2005) and publications (DS 2,3,5-7) were achieved as a direct result of the progress in this project. The August 2006 issue of J Heaptology selected the figure on overexpression of osteopontin in ALD for its front cover. This work has also received international recognition from other groups in a similar field and initiated several collaborations (Dr GC Kundu, NCCS, Pune, India; Dr Michael Beard, University of Adelaide; RPAH; Prof C Day, University of Newcastle, UK; Prof Philip Hogg, University of New South Wales; Dr N D'Souza, VAMC, Kentucky, USA; Dr M Neuman, University of Toronto, Canada) and invited presentations (ISBRA: 2004, 2006; Montreal: 2005; Japan Digestive Disease Week: Oct 2007; Research Society on Alcoholism, USA: 2007). Prior to moving into Biomedical research, Dr Seth was head hunted as a Senior Scientist in Biotechnology Industry and soon appointed simultaneously to Head, Research & Development and A/Marketing Manager in the company. Dr Seth has worked in the areas of prostate and breast cancer and childhood leukemia before embarking in the field of liver injury and has been leading the Microarray Users Group for Sydney/NSW researchers.

Selected publications

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