About Dr Brett Toelle

I am interested in how the environment influences the health of the population. I am also interested in public health approaches to manage and alleviate community burden of disease.

I have 30 years of experience working on a broad range of respiratory epidemiological research projects. These study designs have included cross-sectional, cohort, case-control and randomised controlled trials. I also have expertise in the self-management, medication adherence and psychological comorbidity associated with respiratory disease.

Throughout my research career I have gained enormous satisfaction through bringing together and working on large scale epidemiological research projects. These projects have provided great opportunity to develop new skills and ways of viewing research challenges. Our group has conducted studies attempting to prevent the development of asthma in children born into high risk families. We have investigated the health effects to residents living in and around the Lane Cove Tunnel. We also conducted a crossover trial of unflued vs flued gas heaters in NSW government schools. We are currently undertaking a community-based study of the health impact of wind turbine simulated infrasound. All these projects provide the ability to generate evidence used for developing policy and with an ultimate benefit for public health.