About Dr Tristram Alexander

Dr Tristram Alexander's research focuses on modelling and predicting new behaviour in complex systems. In many cases the development of a model involves the use of techniques from data science to render messy data into quantitative form. His research covers a wide range of physical systems, from nonlinear wave dynamics in optics and Bose-Einstein condensates, to many-element descriptions of heat flow dynamics, through to the description of social systems. In all cases his research involves the construction of new models based on observations, the prediction of new behaviour based on these models, and the comparison of the predictions with observational data. This holds true for the nonlinear wave dynamics, where he collaborates with experimentalists in IPOS, through to social systems where the wealth of data available through social media provides a ready source of observational data, once rendered into a suitable form. Computational techniques are an essential part of his research, and include the simulation and analysis of nonlinear partial differential equations, the simulation of agent-based models, and machine learning techniques to extract information from data. His research is intrinsically interdisciplinary and he collaborates with researchers from a wide range of backgrounds across the University.

Dr Tristram Alexander is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Physics.

For further information about Dr Tristram Alexander, refer to his Academic Profile Online.