About Professor Manjula Sharma

As Head of the Sydney University Physics Education Research (SUPER) Group, I investigate issues of teaching and student learning, offering staff and students high-quality teaching and learning opportunities and researching the complex ways in which people go about understanding physics. My students bring in their own ideas for research, ranging from science communication, the use of multimedia, conceptual development, interactive pedagogues, critical thinking, effective learning, inquiry based learning, and professional development, to the impact of the changes in syllabus. Current projects are diverse, with an emphasis on learning in the labs in its various guises. My graduate students are trailblazers, some exceptional SUPER stars are: Derek Muller of Veritasium fame; Helen Georgiou, a researcher in science education drawing on the legitimation code theory (LCT) framework; Simon Crook, transforming the teaching of school science in NSW through Crooked Science.

Professor Manjula Sharma is a professor at the School of Physics, She is also a member of The University of Sydney Nano Institute and member of the Charles Perkins Centre

For more information about Professor Manjula Sharma, refer to her Academic Profile Online.