About Dr Sanné Mestrom

Dr. Mestrom’s practice-led research seeks to incorporate “play” into a socially engaged practice as a means to question the social consequences of urban design. Her current research investigates ways that art in public places – and urban design more broadly - can become critically integrated, inclusive and interactive spaces. To do so, her projects bring together sculpture and the body to examine the role of art in rewriting current definitions of ‘play’ as relating to the physical, experiential and ideological conditions of ‘place’. Creating temporary and permanent sculptural forms that respond to the built environment and our movement through it, softens the separation of art and everyday life; it is through this ‘softness’ that play has the potential to open up a space to escape certain logics, and denying logic is itself a subversive – and therefore political– action.

Research Interests: contemporary visual art, sculpture, Critique of the Modern, Institutional Critique, art in public spaces, critical evaluation of public art, psychology of play, pedagogy of play, urban planning & design, landscape architecture

Selected publications

  • There is a Poem, Sullivan and Strumpf, Sydney, Australia, 2019
  • Black Paintings, McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, 2019
  • Hush Hush, TarraWarra Biennial: From Will to Form, TarraWarra Museum of Art, Healsville, Australia, 2018
  • Sphinx in Repose, Sydney Contemporary, Carriageworks, Sydney, Australia, 2017
  • Corrections, Sullivan and Strumpf, Sydney, Australia, 2017
  • Loose Variables, Westbourne Grammar, Melbourne, Australia, 2017
  • Soft Kiss, Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney, Sydney, Australia, 2016
  • Assembly, Contemporary Ceramics, Margaret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne, Australia, 2014
  • Weeping Women, Ian Potter Sculpture Court Commission, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne, Australia, 2014