About Associate Professor Gregory Fox

Associate Professor Fox's research interests include the epidemiology of infectious disease in resource-limited setting, cluster randomized trials, clinical trials and digital technologies to support health care. He also has interests in systematic reviews and meta-analyses, translation of evidence into policy, decision analysis and capacity building in research.

Associate Professor Fox's teaching interests including drug resistant TB, design and implementation of clinical trials, meta-analysis and clinical epidemiology. He leads the Clinical Teaching Fellowship Program within the Faculty of Medicine and Health, that equips leaders in education with the skills required to contribute to teaching in healthcare settings.

Current projects include:
A randomised controlled trial evaluating the effect of a community-based intervention to reduce antimicrobial use in Vietnam (the V-RESIST Trial)
A clinical trial of preventive therapy for mult-drug resistant tuberculosis in Vietnam (the VQUIN MDR Trial)
Improving the management of chronic lung disease (asthma and COPD), and tobacco control in resource limited settings (The VCAPS Study)
A cluster randomised trial of community-based screening for TB in rural community (the ACT3 study)
Reducing the gap between policy and practice: strengthening preventive therapy for TB in 5 countries (the ACT4 study)
Evaluating relapse of TB among patients treated with standardised therapy in Vietnam

Selected publications

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