About Dr Kerry Peek

I am interested in the whole spectrum of prevention; from reducing sports related concussion in adolescents through to preventing chronic disease in older adults.

I have an extensive clinical background and a PhD in health behaviour leading to a focus on translating research into practice.

My Master's thesis won the research higher degree medal (the University of Adelaide).My PhD included 7 studies- all of which have been published.I have presented research at many international conferences including the IOC conference.

In addition to being a physiotherapist and behavioural scientist, I am a level 1 strength and conditioning coach with a Masters in evidence-based practice.

Selected publications

  • Peek, K., Elliott, J. & Orr, R. Increased neck strength may reduce head acceleration during purposeful soccer heading: A systematic review. (in press)
  • Peek, K., Gatherer, D., Bennett, K.B., Fransen, J. & Watsford, M. “Muscle strength characteristics of the hamstrings and quadriceps in high-level youth football players”. Research in Sports Medicine (2018)
  • Peek, K. "Muscle strength in adults with spinal cord injury: A systematic review of manual muscle testing, isokinetic and hand-held dynamometry clinimetrics." The JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports 12.5 (2014): 349-429.
  • Peek, K, and Gatherer, D. "The rehabilitation of a professional rugby union player following a C7/T1 posterior micro discectomy." Physical Therapy in Sport (2005) 6.4: 195-200.
  • Peek, K., Carey, M., Mackenzie, L. & Sanson-Fisher, R. “Patient-perceived barriers and enablers to adherence to physiotherapist prescribed self-management strategies”. New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy (2018)
  • Peek, K., Carey, M., Mackenzie, L. & Sanson-Fisher, R. “Patient adherence to an exercise program for chronic low back pain measured by patient-report, physical therapist perception and observational data”. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice (2018). 1-10
  • Peek, K., Carey, M., Mackenzie, L. & Sanson-Fisher, R. “An observational study of Australian private practice physiotherapy consultations to explore the prescription of self-management strategies.” Musculoskeletal Care. (2017) 15(4), 356-363.
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