About Dr Anna Broinowski

As a researcher, filmmaker and nonfiction author, I am interested in the history, evolution, theory and practice of the following key subjects: • Documentary and mock-documentary • Fact/fiction hybrid cinema • North Korea and North Korean propaganda cinema • Fake News, Deep Fakes and Fake Videos on social-media platforms • Populist and Alt-right political movements • Propaganda • Long form literary memoir • Australian women filmmakers

outputs straddle Traditional and Non Traditional Research Outputs. My PhD, Tricks of the Trade: an examination of the confluences between documentary and deception, inspired by the symbiotic relationship between filmmaker and con artist in Forbidden Lie$, was completed at Macquarie University in 2016, and forms the basis of my ongoing research into the history and evolution of the Documentary form; the production and dissemination of propaganda in Western democracies; and the proliferation of “fake” and misleading state, corporate and citizen-produced videos on English language social-media platforms between 2012 and 2020. I am currently working on a new inter-disciplinary research project that combines my documentary expertise and research interests in a suite of Traditional and Non-Traditional Research Output publications across a range of broadcast, literary and scholarly platforms

I am a Walkley award-winning Australian filmmaker and author who specialises in political and counter-cultural subjects. My films have screened around the world, generating domestic and international media and engagement, and frequently reaching audiences over one million. Highlights include Hanson: Please Explain!(SBS), Aim High in Creation!(ABC/Netflix), Forbidden Lie$(MIFF/Palace) and Helen’s War(SBS/CBC/ZDF). These documentaries have won several awards, including 3 AFI/AACTAs, the Rome Festival “Cult” Prize, the Al Jazeera Golden Award, the NSW Premier’s Literary Award, the Sydney Film festival Dendy Award and the Writer’s Guild of America Best Nonfiction Screenplay Award. I have published two books with Penguin, Please Explain: the rise, fall and rise again of Pauline Hanson (2017), about the impact of alt-right politician Pauline Hanson on multicultural Australia between 1996-2016, and The Director is the Commander(2015), about North Korea’s propaganda film industry, reprinted in the USA as Aim High in Creation!(2016).

Selected publications

  • Broinowski, A. (2016). Aim High in Creation! A One-of-a-Kind Journey inside North Korea's Propaganda Machine. New York: Arcade publishing. 
  • Broinowski, A. (2016). Pauline Hanson: Please Explain!. Feature documentary broadcast on SBS TV.
  • Broinowski, A. (2015). The Director is the Commander. Melbourne: Penguin Books. 
  • Broinowski, A. (2013). Aim High in Creation!. Feature documentary broadcast on ABC TV and NETFLIX USA.
  • Broinowski, A. (2012). Ethics and Forbidden Lie$. The Unacceptable Conference, Sydney: Macquarie University. 
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  • Broinowski, A. (2009). The Making of Forbidden Lie$. 4th Asia-Pacific Forum for Educational Integrity, Wollongong: Wollongong University. 
  • Broinowski, A. (2008). Forbidden Lie$. Feature documentary broadcast on SBS TV.
  • Broinowski, A. (2004). Helen's War: A Portrait of Dissent. One-hour documentary broadcast on SBS/CBC/ZDF TV.
  • Broinowski, A. (1995). Hell Bento!!: Uncovering the Japanese Underground. One-hour documentary broadcast on SBS TV.