About Dr Roxanna Nasseri Pebdani

My work focuses on sexuality and disability, with associated work on pregnancy and fertility for women with disabilities and parenting and disability. I believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to be sexual (or not) and to start a family if that is what they want to do. Unfortunately, society does not always see it that way. I have another body of work on intersectionality and cultural competency within rehabilitation counselling, which is also a passion of mine.

Dr. Pebdani conducts both quantitative and qualitative research. Her experience with self-reported outcomes (PROs) as well as phenomenological research is known and respected around the Faculty.

Dr. Pebdani has authored or co-authored over 20 journal articles and book chapters and has conducted over 30 presentations at local, national, and international conferences.  She has secured over $625,000 in grant funding.  She is well known in her field for her work on sexuality and disability as well as intersectionality and cultural competency in counselling

Selected publications

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  2. Pebdani, R. N., & Bourgeois, P. (2019). The effect of disability simulation educational activities on college student attitudes towards disability. Manuscript accepted by The American Journal of Occupational Therapy.
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