About Associate Professor Huizhong Shen

Dr. Huizhong Shen is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education and Social Work, the University of Sydney, where he has served a range of senior roles including Associate Dean, International (2008-09), Director of China Education Centre (2003-09)in the Faculty of Education and Social Work, and Founding Director of Confucius Institute at the University of Sydney (2008-09). Huizhong was instrumental in assisting the University in its China-focused initiatives. The Master of Education in TESOL is one of the significant international projects that he has developed with colleagues for the University of Sydney. It was the first transnational program that had been approved by Chinese Ministry of Education. The exemplary model of international collaboration has been copied by a number of Australian andBritish universities.

Research interests include:
Research on teaching and learning

  • Learning and teaching in higher education
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • Languages and cultures education
  • Second language acquisition
Keywords: TESOL, languages education

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Selected publications

  • Yuan, Y., Shen, H., Ewing, R. (2017). How does Australian-based digital English resource stack up? Chinese university EFL teachers' perceptions. TESL-EJ, 21(1), 1-19. [More Information]
  • Yuan, Y., Shen, H. (2016). Designing between pedagogies and cultures: Audio-visual Chinese language resources for Australian schools. Cogent Education, 3(1), 1-9. [More Information]
  • Shen, H., Yuan, Y., Ewing, R. (2015). English learning websites and digital resources from the perspective of Chinese university EFL practitioners. ReCall, 27(2), 156-176. [More Information]
  • Wang, W., Shen, H. (2015). Researching genre learning in second language writing: A review from the perspective of English for specific purposes. University of Sydney Papers in TESOL, 10, 155-181. [More Information]
  • Harbon, L., Shen, H. (2015). Researching Language Classrooms. In Brian Paltridge, Aek Phakiti (Eds.), Research Methods in Applied Linguistics: A practical resource, (pp. 457-470). London: Bloomsbury.