About Dr Stefan Popescu

Stefan Popescu is a filmmaker and academic and is currently the director and curator of the Sydney Underground Film Festival. Stefan is interested in alternate, marginal and frontier forms in cinema. This includes the relationship between materiality, affect and narrative in film and theorising new technological developments and the emerging aesthetics. Stefan's research extends into making feature films and focuses on creating films that experiment with material, aesthetics, character and story structure. Having completed his PhD in Film and Digital Art in 2007, he has written and directed three independent feature films;Rosebery 7470(2007),Nude Study(2010) andVixen Velvet’s Zombie Massacre(2015). More recently, Stefan has ventured into commercial production roles such as Story Consultant for Jackie Chan’sBleeding Steel(2017) and Associate Producer for the adaptation of the award winningThe Paper Menagerie. He is currently involved expanding his research into the area of arts and film policy, partnering with industry moguls, Sydney Films and Warner Bros.

Selected publications

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