About Professor James Tognolini

My specialist research and educational evaluation work focuses primarily on educational assessment and the application and appropriateness of measurement models and theoretical perspectives to education and learning in both local and international contexts.

Much of my inquiry and professional work has pursued five major themes: (1) the refinement and application of Rasch Models to the assessment of social outcomes of education;
(2) developing quality assurance measures in systems that require the collation of different forms of evidence;
(3) equating stability in educational measurement;
(4) standards referencing, using measurement to establish and validate standards
(5) developing innovative assessments and measures for monitoring growth, teacher effectiveness and system level performance against pre-determined developmental continua.

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Selected publications

  • Buckley-Walker, K., Tognolini, J., Lockyer, L., Brown, I., Caputi, P. (2017). Evaluating the validity of the online multiliteracy assessment tool. Australian Journal of Education, 61(3), 305-327. [More Information]
  • Ehrich, J., Howard, S., Tognolini, J., Bokosmaty, S. (2015). Measuring attitudes toward plagiarism: Issues and psychometric solutions. Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education, 7(2), 243-257. [More Information]
  • Twing, J., Tognolini, J. (2014). Most measures are still uncommon: The need for comparability. 40th Annual Conference of the International Association for Educational Assessment - Assessment Innovations for the 21st Century, Singapore: International Association for Educational Assessment (IAEA). [More Information]
  • Mok, M., Wong, M., Su, M., Tognolini, J., Stanley, G. (2014). Personal best goal and self-regulation as predictors of mathematics achievement: A multilevel structural equation model. Asia Pacific Journal of Educational Development, 3(1), 79-91. [More Information]