About Associate Professor Jennifer Way

Jennifer Way is a researcher in effective pedagogies for mathematics education, with particular interests in educational technologies and the role of motivation and engagement in student learning, and lecturers in primary and early childhood mathematics curriculum and pedagogy.

Research interests include:

Learning sciences; psychology of education

  •     Learning technologies and new media
  •     Learning, cognition and motivation

Research on teaching and learning

  •     Teacher education and professional learning
Keywords: mathematics, primary, early years, technologies, engagement, pedagogy, teacher development

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Selected publications

  • Anderson, J., Wilson, K., Tully, D., Way, J. (2019). "Can we build the wind powered car again?" Students' and teachers' responses to a new integrated STEM curriculum. Journal of Research in STEM Education (J-STEM), 5(1), 20-39. [More Information]
  • Bobis, J., Khosronejad, M., Way, J., Anderson, J. (2019). "Sage on the stage" or "meddler in the middle": Shifting mathematics teachers' identities to support student engagement. Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education, Online first. [More Information]
  • Collie, R., Martin, A., Bobis, J., Way, J., Anderson, J. (2019). How students switch on and switch off in mathematics: Exploring patterns and predictors of (dis)engagement across middle school and high school. Educational Psychology, 39(4), 489-509. [More Information]
  • Bobis, J., Way, J. (2018). Building connections between children's representations and their conceptual development in mathematics. In V. Kinnear, M. Y. Lai, T. Muir (Eds.), Forging connections in early mathematics teaching and learning, (pp. 55-72). Singapore: Springer. [More Information]
  • McMaster, H., Way, J., Bobis, J., Beswick, K. (2018). Principals' perceptions and expectations of primary teachers with a specialisation in mathematics. 2018 Annual conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (MERGA 41), Adelaide: MERGA. [More Information]
  • Way, J. (2018). Two birds flew away: The 'jumble' of drawing skills for representing subtraction pre-school to Year 1 (symposium paper). 2018 Annual conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (MERGA 41), Adelaide: MERGA.