About Associate Professor Margot Rawsthorne

Margot's research focuses on the experience of inequality, particularly shaped by gender, location and sexuality. Margot's current research projects focus on community change through community development initatives (Glebe Community Development Project) and rural young people. She has published extensively on the experiences of lesbian parents and third sector issues.

She has a strong commitment to supporting the developing research capacity of the non-government sector. Over recent years she has collaborated on a number of small research projects with agencies such as Liverpool Women's Health Centre, Joan Harrisons Support Services for Women, the Welfare Rights Centre and the P&C Federation of NSW. This research collaboration aims to ensure the relevance and usefulness of academic research and scholarship.

Research interests include:
Social structures, inequalities and social justice

  • Social change
Social work and social policy
  •     Community services
  •     Civil society
  •     Social policy

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Selected publications

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