About Dr Susan Heward-Belle

Dr Sue Heward-Belle is a recognised leader in domestic and family violence research. Sue has almost 30 years experience in the domestic violence and child protection fields and has conducted many studies in these areas. Dr Heward-Belle was the Chief Investigator conducting, a range of domestic and family violence focused projects for ANROWS including: The PATRICIA Project and Invisible Practices: Engaging men who use violence. She is also Chief Investigator on two other large scale multi-state projects: Whole of Family approaches to working with families where there is domestic violence & the STACY Project (Safe and Together Addressing Complexity). Her PhD research examined the fathering experiences and practices of domestically violent men. She has a particular interest in advancing gender equitable and socially just approaches to practice that counter mother blaming.

I have a strong interest in researching innovative strategies to address violence against women, children and young people, which are underpinned by principles of social justice and gender equity. I also have a strong interest in developing the high quality teaching and learning opportunities to equip social workers to be skilled and strong advocates equipped to compassionately work alongside people experiencing adversity.

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Selected publications

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