About Dr Emma Tseris

Emma's research and teaching areas include critical mental health theory, intersections between gender and psychiatric labelling practices, power inequalities between professionals and service users, and therapization trends within neoliberal societies. She is the author of Trauma, Women’s Mental Health and Social Justice: Pitfalls and Possibilities,published by Routledge in 2019, which utilises critical and poststructural feminist theories to interrogate assumptions about the effects of gender-based violence on women’s lives, and to highlight the oppressive implications of an individualising, symptom-focused approach to understanding trauma.

Much of Emma's work is centred on the question: How are dominant understandings and responses to mental distress embedded in relations of power, and how can alternative and marginalised perspectives be made more visible?

keywords: social construction of mental illness, mental health, gender inequality, social justice, biomedical and therapeutic governance, lived experience narratives of mental distress

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Selected publications

  • Tseris, E. (2019). Accepting My Illness? Problematising the Claims of Mental Health Anti-Stigma Efforts. In D. Baines, B. Bennett, S. Goodwin, M. Rawsthorne (Eds.), Working Across Difference: Social Work, Social Policy and Social Justice, (pp. 155-169). London: Red Globe Press.
  • Tseris, E. (2019). Social work and women's mental health: Does trauma theory provide a useful framework? British Journal of Social Work, 49(3), 686-703. [More Information]
  • Tseris, E. (2019). The expansion of the peer adviser workforce: Opportunities and challenges for social work. Australian Social Work, Online first. [More Information]
  • Tseris, E. (2019). Trauma, women's mental health, and social justice: Pitfalls and possibilities. Abingdon and New York: Routledge. [More Information]
  • Tseris, E. (2019). When 'participation' is not enough: Social justice practices in mental health and psychiatric hegemony. In K. Freebody, S. Goodwin & H. Proctor (Eds.), Higher education, pedagogy and social justice: Politics and practice, (pp. 121-136). Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan. [More Information]