About Professor Valerie Harwood

Valerie Harwood is a Professor of Sociology and Anthropology of Education and an Australian Research Council Future Fellow. Valerie’s research is centred on a social and cultural analysis of participation in educational futures. This work involves learning about collaborative approaches and in-depth fieldwork on educational justice with young people, families and communities.

Together with Dr Lyn Riley and colleagues, Valerie is involved in the new Community-Led Research Theme, FASS. The Future Fellowship project, with Project Manager Nyssa Murray, led to the creation of Lead My Learning, where constructs and techniques from social marketing were adapted for use in a social and cultural approach to promoting educational futures in early childhood. Lead My Learning focusses on describing the learning activities that parents do, and how these contribute to parental participation in children’s education.

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Selected publications

  • McKnight, A., Harwood, V., McMahon, S., Priestly, A., Trindorfer, J. (2019). 'No shame at AIME': Listening to Aboriginal philosophy and methodologies to theorise shame in educational contexts. The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education, Online first. [More Information]
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