About Associate Professor Marianne Fenech

I am passionate about quality, inclusive early childhood education for young children. My teaching and research focus on effective early childhood settings through strong management and leadership, and the development of a quality and equitable system of early childhood education in Australia through policy and industrial reform.

I am interested in the governing of early childhood services, teacher education, and teachers, and the impact this governance has on the provision of quality, inclusive early childhood education. I utilise Foucauldian and social justice theory to analyse the effects of government architectures (such as regulation, marketisation, subsidy arrangements and teacher standards) and organisational approaches to service leadership, management and workforce development and sustainability.

I have over 10 years’ experience managing and leading services for families and young children, and since 2004, have lectured and conducted research on quality early childhood education. I have strong established links with the early childhood sector, having delivered a number of keynote and conference presentations in Australia and internationally. I am a strong advocate for children and the early childhood teaching profession. I have led a number of submissions to federal government departments on early childhood policy and is Chair of the NSW/ACT Early Childhood Teacher Education Council and the National Early Childhood Teacher Education Network.

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Selected publications

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