About Dr Edwin Tan

I am passionate about healthy ageing and the important role medications can play in this. My research interests are in dementia, geriatrics, quality use of medicines and psychosocial aspects of medication use.

My research expertise is in geriatric pharmacotherapy and pharmacoepidemiology, with a focus on cognitive health and ageing. I utilise a range of study methodologies including data linkage studies, population-based register studies, cohort studies, surveys, systematic reviews and meta-analyses. I also have expertise in pharmacy practice and health services research. I have an extensive network of national and international collaborators across Europe and the US.

Dr Tan is an Australian National Health and Medical Research Council-Australian Research Council (NHMRC-ARC) Dementia Research Development Fellow and Lecturer, based at the University of Sydney, Faculty of Medicine and Health, School of Pharmacy. He is an Adjunct Research Fellow at the Centre for Medicine Use and Safety, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Monash University, and Affiliate Research Fellow at the Aging Research Centre, Karolinska Institutet. Prior to taking up his present appointment, Dr Tan was Visiting Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Population Medicine, Harvard Medical School and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute in 2015. Dr Tan completed his PhD in Pharmacy at Monash University in 2014 for which he was awarded the Mollie Holman Doctoral Medal. Dr Tan has published 54 articles in international journals (h-index 18, FWCI 3.69). He has secured more than AUD 870,000 in grant and fellowship funding as chief investigator over the past 5 years including from NHMRC, Dementia Australia, Alzheimerfonden, Australasian Association of Gerontology, and the Nordic Gerontological Federation. Nationally, Dr Tan is the Chair of the NHMRC National Institute of Dementia Research (NNIDR) MEDicines and DEMentia Special Interest Group (MEDDEM). He is an associate editor of Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and BMC Health Services Research. He has been a peer reviewer for more than 20 leading international journals. He has served on the grant peer-review panels for the NHMRC and Dunhill Medical Trust, UK. Dr Tan is/was the supervisor for two PhD, two Masters, one Honours and nine undergraduate pharmacy and medical students. Dr Tan was awarded the Certara New Investigator Award for outstanding research Excellence in 2018.

Selected publications

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