About Dr Jinglei Lv

Dr. Jinglei Lv’s research interests include building new theories about fundamental neuroscience, developing novel methodology for neuroimage analysis and discovering imaging biomarker for the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, dementia and depression.

Dr. Jinglei Lv is an expert not only on structural and functional brain MRI imaging, but also on developing advanced computational and machine learning methods for multi-scale, multi-model image processing and data analysis

Dr. Jinglei Lv has developed a series of machine learning based methodology to map the human brain into a multi-demand and multi-purpose hierarchical system. He investigated the relationship between the brain structure and function based on diffusion and functional MRI, and translated the methods and important findings into clinical research which aims to define biomarkers of neurological/psychiatric disorders, such as dementia, ADHD, schizophrenia and autism.

Students from engineering, computer science, mathematics, physics or neuroscience background are all welcome. An open mind for interdisciplinary research is desired.

Selected publications

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