About Dr Jo Longman

Jo is a Research Fellow at the University Centre for Rural Health in Lismore NSW. She has a PhD in Social Psychology and a Master in Public Health and is a social scientist with over 20 years’ experience in qualitative research and evaluation. She is passionate about improving the health of people living in rural Australia. Her research interests include rural health services; older people with chronic conditions and potentially preventable hospitalisations; smoking in pregnancy; smoke-free homes; and climate change and mental health.

Selected publications

• Longman J M, Bennett-Levy J, Matthews V, Berry HL, Passey M, Rolfe M, Morgan G, Bradden M, and Bailie R. Rationale and methods for a cross-sectional study of mental health and wellbeing following river flooding in rural Australia, using a community-academic partnership approach BMC Public Health (in press)
• Reeks R, Padmakumar G, Andrew B, Huynh D and Longman J Barriers and Enablers to Implementation of Antenatal Smoking Cessation Guidelines in General Practice Australian Journal of Primary Care (in press)
• Matthews V, Longman J, Berry H, Passey M, Bennett-Levy J, Morgan G, Pit S, Rolfe M and Bailie R. Mental health six months after extensive flooding from Cyclone Debbie in rural Australia: a cross sectional analysis through an equity lens Australian & New Zealand Journal of Public Health (under review)
• Passey M, Longman J, Adams C, Johnston J, Simms J and Rolfe M Factors associated with provision of smoking cessation support to pregnant women - a cross-sectional survey of midwives in New South Wales, Australia Maternal and Child Health (under review)
• Longman J, Rix L, Johnston J and Passey M. Ambulatory care sensitive chronic conditions: what can we learn from patients about the role of primary health care in preventing admissions? Australian Journal of Primary Health 2018 (1448-7527), 24 (4), p. 304
• Longman J, Adams C, Johnston J and Passey M. Improving implementation of the smoking cessation guidelines with pregnant women: how to support clinicians? Midwifery 2018; 58:137-144 doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.midw.2017.12.016
• Longman J, Kornelsen J, Pilcher J, Kildea S, Kruske S, Grzybowski S, Robin S, Rolfe M, Donoghue D, Morgan G and Barclay L. Maternity services for rural and remote Australia: barriers to operationalising national policy Health Policy 2017; doi: 10.1016/j.healthpol.2017.09.012
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• Barraclough F, Longman J, and Barclay L. Integration in a nurse practitioner led mental health service Australian Journal of Rural Health 2015; 24(2): 144-150