About Dr Iris Bartula

Dr Bartula is passionate about producing research that improves psychosocial functioning and quality of life of patients diagnosed with melanoma and their caregivers. In particular, she is very interested to see all the research translated into routine practice for supporting this population. To produce research that is meaningful and relevant to melanoma patients and caregivers, she strives to have significant consumer and clinician involvement in the studies that she leads.

Dr Iris Bartula is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Sydney and Head of Research Psychology at the Melanoma Institute of Australia, which is an international leader in melanoma research. Dr Bartula leads several trials aimed at improving psychosocial functioning and quality of life of melanoma patients and their caregivers. As a registered clinical psychologist with close to 10 years of experience working in psycho-oncology, her mission is to embed psychosocial support in routine clinical care of melanoma patients, survivors and caregivers. This is achieved by building strong collaborations with patients, caregivers, clinicians and other researchers that are involved in developing and creating supportive care studies for melanoma patients. Current studies that Dr Bartula is involved in include: • Mixed-methods assessment of melanoma patients’ and caregivers’ supportive care needs • Biopsychosocial predictors of fatigue in Stage III melanoma patients on immunotherapy. • Embedding electronic patient-reported outcomes and experience measures into routine clinical practice of Stage III melanoma patients. • Routine implementation of evidence-based psychoeducational interventions into early stage melanoma patients’ clinical care. • Assessing the barriers to accessing psychological interventions in melanoma patients. • Investigation of communication between medical professionals and patients. • Assessment of the quality of life of melanoma patients on clinical trials. At present, Dr Bartula is supervising 3 MD students and a research assistant that are involved in these projects. She continues to receive positive feedback on her supervision style and support provided, which leads to good outcomes for supervisees and ultimately melanoma patients and their caregivers.

Selected publications

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