About Professor Gianluca Ranzi

Gianluca is interested in high-performance buildings and, in particular, on how to enhance their functionalities to address the needs of future cities and urban agglomerates. His work ranges from structural engineering to architectural science.

Gianluca's interests are in the fields of structural engineering, architectural science and materials science.

Gianluca’s work in architectural science focuses on the development of structural components that embed multidisciplinary solutions capable of enhancing the functionalities of high-performance buildings, with a particular interest on adaptive structural systems. In the field of structural engineering, Gianluca has been active in research in the areas of composite steel-concrete and concrete structures engaging in both modelling and experimental work. He has also devoted particular attention to their service behaviour considering that this is usually their governing design criterion in Australia.

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Selected publications

• Gilbert RI, Ranzi G (2011) Time-dependent behaviour of  concrete structures, Spon Press, London, UK, pp 426 (ISBN: 978-0-415-49384-0)• Ranzi G, Gilbert RI (2015) Structural analysis: principles, methods and modelling, CRC Press, London, UK, pp 562). (ISBN: 978-0-4155-2644-9)
• Gilbert RI, Mickleborough NC, Ranzi G (2015) Design of prestressed concrete to AS3600-2009, 2nd edition, CRC Press, London, UK, pp 736 (ISBN: 9781466572690)
• Ranzi G, Leoni G, Zandonini R (2013) State of the art on the time-dependent behaviour of composite steel-concrete structures, Journal of Constructional Steel Research, 80, 252-263
• Ranzi G, Luongo A (2014) An analytical approach for the cross-sectional analysis of GBT, Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers: Structures and Buildings, 167(7), 414-425