About Dr Jillian Eyles

I lead a coordinated program to support the translation of best-evidence osteoarthritis (OA) care into practice, locally and globally. My research vision is to develop long-term strategies for effective implementation of best-evidence OA care, in different socioeconomic and cultural environments, while ensuring that the health professional workforce is appropriately skilled to deliver that care.

I am a researcher at the Kolling Institute of Medical Research, Faculty of Medicine and Health. My work is focussed on the implementation of best-evidence osteoarthritis care. Broadly, this includes the investigation of different models of OA service delivery, and the development and evaluation of new strategies to support the implementation of recommended care. I am a founding member and lead the Joint Effort Initiative (JEI) an international collaboration of >100 researchers (17 countries), clinicians, consumers and advocacy groups concerned with implementation of OA management programs (OAMPs), especially in low-to-middle-income countries. The JEI has developed the first coordinated, international approach to delivering OAMPs, and is generating new knowledge, frameworks and models of implementation. Some of my projects within the JEI include: 1. Clinical Outcomes of OA Management Programs - an international consortium using Individual Participant Data to examine prognostic factors associated with improvements in pain and function in people with osteoarthritis. 2. Development and evaluation of resources to support the skills of clinicians delivering OA care including an e-Learning program, e-textbook, podcast series and other resources.

I am a researcher and physiotherapist who has rapidly reached international standing in my field. In the past 5 years I have attracted almost $3million in competitive research funding to support my groundbreaking work in implementation science. 

I contribute extensively to numerous international fora aimed at guiding OA research, practice and policy. For example, I currently serve on the (i) OARSI strategic alliance committee aimed at identifying and establishing collaborations between groups with an interest in OA research (ii) the OARSI world congress (an international conference with approx. 3000 attendees) program and scientific committees, and (iii) I am a peer reviewer for 10 internationally leading rheumatology and sports medicine journals (e.g. BJSM, Arthritis Care and Research).

I have supervised three University of Sydney PhD candidates, one to completion, who have multiple, high impact, peer-reviewed publications and have secured top manuscript and prizes and travel grants.

Selected publications

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