About Dr Rachael Dodd

My aim is to improve healthcare using behavioural and implementation science in the cancer care context. I am interested in conducting high-quality innovative research involving end-users, which builds an evidence base to develop interventions which can be translated into real-world settings.

My research to date has focussed around communication in healthcare in combination with assessing psychosocial impacts of cancer diagnoses. My current research is a) looking into communicating key concepts of HPV and cervical cancer in the context of providing reassurance and information about the renewed National Cervical Screening Program in Australia and b) investigating the feasibility and acceptability of implementing a Lung Cancer Screening Program in Australia.

Dr Dodd completed a Masters in Health Psychology and a PhD in Psychology at University College London, UK (2016). Dr Dodd was awarded a competitive 3-year postdoctoral scholarship at The University of Sydney (2018-2021) and is based at the School of Public Health, University of Sydney. Dr Dodd has led research which has been published in top ranking general medical (eg Lancet Infectious Diseases, BMJ Open) and specialist journals (eg Gynecologic Oncology). Dr Dodd has provided expert comment to the media (e.g. Sydney Morning Herald, Australian Doctor, ABC news). Dr Dodd has a strong track record in mixed methods research and has supervised research students across public health, medicine and psychology. Dr Dodd sits on the Faculty of Medicine and Health Board and the School of Public Health Early Career Researcher Advisory Board.

Selected publications

1. Dodd RH; Nickel B; Brotherton J; Smith M; McCaffery KJ. (2020) Getting the timing right: when is the best time to announce changes to cancer screening policy recommendations? Preventive Medicine Reports; 20:101268

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