About Dr Mbathio Dieng

I am passionate about evidence based medicine and randomised control trials incorporating patient preferences, and novel methods underpinning these.

Dr Dieng has strong experience in clinical trials, cohort studies, within-trial and modelled economic evaluation applied to cancer and her research interests cover the areas of diagnostic tests, quality of life, patient follow-up and monitoring.

Dr Mbathio Dieng is an health economist and epidemiologist researcher with an outstanding track record with respect to her publications and successful funding applications. She is postdoctoral research fellow at the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, a specialised centre of the University of Sydney that has >25 years of expertise conducting randomised trials including landmark studies in cancer. Dr Dieng was awarded her PhD (The University of Sydney) in 2016. In recognition of the outstanding quality of her thesis, she was awarded her PhD without any emendations, and thus has received the prestigious Sydney Medical School's Peter Bancroft Prize.