About Dr Hiba Jebeile

The intersection between adolescent obesity treatment and eating disorder risk has garnered much attention in recent years. Our research focuses on identifying risk and protective factors for eating disorders when participating in obesity treatment.

We have established an international collaboration to explore eating disorder risk in adolescents and adults who have undergone weight management for overweight or obesity. This collaboration aims to bring together individual participant data from all weight management interventions which have measured eating disorder risk factors at baseline and post-intervention or at follow-up timepoints. We will also deconstruct the behavioural components within interventions into their smallest ‘active ingredients’ to assess the effect of these on eating disorder risk. Predictive modelling will be used to assess the intersection between individual characteristics and intervention components to inform new models of care. We are also currently trialling screening and monitoring protocols to identify adolescents with an undiagnosed eating disorders or those at risk of developing at eating disorder prior to, or during weight management interventions.

Hiba Jebeile is an Early Career Researcher and Accredited Practicing Dietitian based at the Children's Hospital Westmead Clinical School. Her research focuses on the treatment of adolescent obesity, the association between dietary interventions and psychological health, and the development of screening and monitoring protocols to identify those at risk of developing depression or eating disorders. She has led several systematic reviews assessing the impact of paediatric weight management interventions on psychological health including eating disorder risk, depression, anxiety, self-esteem and body image. Hiba is particularly interested in the intersection between obesity and eating disorder risk and is managing a new international collaboration to address this issue.

Selected publications

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