About Associate Professor Masahiro Takatsuka

Associate Professor Takatsuka's research is in the areas of: Information/Scientific Visualisation, especially visual data-mining, Collaborative Visualization, Remote Distributed Rendering, Software Engineering, especially Component-Oriented Programming.

Selected publications

  • Self-Organizing Maps and Their Applications
    Masahiro Takatsuka
    Chapter 2. Springer. Tokyo. 2007.
  • Towards a standards-based, message-oriented access-grid
    Steve Smith and Masahiro Takatsuka
    Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology. 2007 (to appear).
  • Scientific visualization
    Masahiro Takatsuka
    The Focal Encyclopedia of Photography Fourth Edition. Michael Peres,
    Grant Romer, David Malin, Mark Osterman, Nancy Stuart, Scott Williams, Franziska Frey, and Tom Lopez (Editors). Elsevier Inc. 2006 (in print).
  • Information Display
    Peter Eades, SeokHee Hong, Keith Nesbitt, and Masahiro Takatsuka
    Handbook of Nature-Inspired And Innovative Computing: Integrating Classical Models with Emerging Technologies, Albert Y Zomaya (Editor), Chapter 20 pp 633-655. Springer. 2006.
  • Spherical self-organizing map using efficient indexed geodesic data structure
    Yingxin Wu and Masahiro Takatsuka.
    Neural Networks, 19(6-7) pp 900-910. July-August 2006.
  • A component-oriented software authoring system for exploratory visualization
    Masahiro Takatsuka
    Future Generation Computer Systems: Journal of Grid Computing: Theory, Methods and Applications, 21(7) pp 1213-1222. July 2005.
  • Low-cost interactive active range finder
    Masahiro Takatsuka, Geoff A.W. West, Svetha Venkatesh, and Terry
    M. Caelli
    Machine Vision and Applications, 14(3) pp 139-144. July 2003.
  • Introducing GeoVISTA studio: An integrated suite of visualization and computational methods for exploration and knowledge construction in geography
    Mark Gahegan, Masahiro Takatsuka, Mike Wheeler, and Frank Hardisty
    Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 26(4) pp 267-292. July 2002.
  • GeoVISTA studio: A codeless visual programming environment for geoscientific data analysis and visualization
    Masahiro Takatsuka and Mark Gahegan
    Computers and Geosciences, 28(10) pp 1131-1144. December 2002.
  • An application of “agent-oriented” techniques to symbolic matching and object recognition
    M. Takatsuka, T. M. Caelli, G. A. West, and S. Venkatesh
    Pattern Recognition Letters, 23 pp 419-429. 2002.