About Professor Steven Armfield

My research interests cover the areas of the analysis and development of Navier-Stokes solvers, direct and large eddy simulation, turbulence modelling, natural convection flow, stratified flow, jets, fountains and plumes.

My work on natural convection boundary layers has made a substantial contribution to the understanding of the mechanism of flow initiation and transition. I carried out the first simulation of open stratified cavity flow, allowing the basic bifurcation mechanism to be isolated and also carried out the first investigation of weak fountain flow, leading to new scaling formulae describing the basic structure of weak fountain flow based on control parameters. I, and co-workers, recently developed a new multi-scale large eddy simulation model for breaking waves. I have contributed to the development of non-staggered Navier-Stokes solvers, resolving a long standing problem on the use of non-staggered grids with finite volume schemes. More recently, I carried out the first detailed comparative analysis of the efficiency and accuracy of iterative and non iterative projection methods. I have worked on parallel coding for a number of years, developing an HPF coded parallel Navier-Stokes solver running on a switched workstation network, and carried out a comparative evaluation with PVM and MPI coded solvers.

Selected publications

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