About Dr Lingfeng Wen

Dr. Wen carries out research in the areas of functional imaging, tracer kinetic modeling, data analysis and image processing and fast computational algorithms.

Selected publications

  • Wen L, S Eberl, D Feng and J Bai, A post-reconstruction Bootstrap Monte Carlo for parameter estimation in dynamic SPECT. Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 45 (5): 395 Suppl., MAY 2004.
  • Wen L., S. Eberl, W. Cai, D. Feng and J.Bai, A Reliable Voxexl-by-Voxel Parameter Estimation for Dynamic SPECT, Proceeding of World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, Sydney, Australia, 24-29 Aug 2003.
  • Wen L., S. Eberl, D. Feng and J. Bai, An improved optimal image sampling schedule for multiple ROIs in dynamic SPECT, Modelling and Control in Biomedical Systems 2003, 139-143.
  • Wen L., S. Eberl, W. Cai, D. Feng, K. Chen and J. Bai, Generalized linear least squares algorithms for optimal image sampling schedule in dynamic SPECT, Journal of Nuclear Medicine Technology, 31(2): 133-134, June 2003.
  • Wen L., S. Eberl, K. P. Wong, D. Feng and J. Bai, Effect of Reconstruction and Filtering on Dynamic SPECT Kinetic Parameter Bias and Reliability, Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 43(5): 202, Suppl., May 2002.
  • Wen L., Y. Zhang and J. Bai, Development of Event Monitor for Home Health Care Center, Beijing Biomedical Engineering, 20 (3): pp168-170, Jul 2001.
  • Wen L. and J. Lin, Information communication system, Telemedicine Conspectus, ed. J Bai and Y. Zhang (Beijing: Press of Tsinghua University), pp18-56, 2001.