About Professor Margaret Allars

Margaret's areas of research are Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Legal Theory, Citizenship, Public Health Law, Nationhood.

Profressor Allars is the author of Introduction to Australian Administrative Law (Butterworths, Sydney, 1990), Administrative Law: Cases and Commentary (Butterworths, Sydney, 1997) and many articles and book chapters, the Administrative Law Title in "Halsbury's Laws of Australia".

In 1993 she was appointed by the federal government in Australia to chair the Inquiry into the Use of Pituitary Derived Hormones in Australia and Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, which reported in 1994. During 1995-96 she was chair of the National Pituitary Hormones Advisory Council and during 1997 she was Acting Head of the Department of Law. She is a Fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia and a member of the Rules Committee of the Administrative Decisions Tribunal in New South Wales.

She teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Administrative Law, Constitutional Law and the postgraduate course Government Regulation, Health Policy and Ethics in the Master of Health Law degree. She is coordinator of the Master of Administrative Law and Policy degree which commenced in the Faculty of Law in 1996.

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