About Professor Joel Mackay

Professor Joel Mackay is a specialist researcher in the field of protein structure, function, design and engineering.

The primary focus of the Mackay group is to understand protein function at the molecular level, with a particular emphasis on three areas: 1. the role and nature of protein-protein interactions in the control of gene expression, 2. the structural and functional diversity of zinc-binding domains, and 3. the design of new proteins with tailored functions. Experimental approaches range from molecular and cell biology and biochemistry through to biophysical methods. High-quality physical infrastructure is available to support this work, including NMR spectrometers (600 and 800 MHz with cryosystems), X-ray crystallography, CD, analytical ultracentrifugation, Biacore, IT/DSC instruments, Nanotemper microscale thermophoresis, multi-angle laser light scattering, mass spectrometry and cell culture and fermentation facilities.

Prof Mackay is a researcher at the School of Life and Environmental Sciences, and a member of the University of Sydney Nano Institute.

For more information about Prof Joel Mackay, refer to his Academic Profile Online.