About Professor Rosemary Lyster

Rosemary's research interests include Administrative Law, Environmental Law, Privatisation, Feminist Legal Theory, and Dispute Resolution

Rosemary Lyster is a Professor in the Faculty of Law and Director of the Australian Centre for Climate and Environmental Law (ACCEL). In the area of Environmental Law, Rosemary specialises in Energy and Climate Law, Water Law and GMOs and Environmental Law. She has published two books with Cambridge University Press in the area of Energy and Climate Law. They are Rosemary Lyster and Adrian Bradbrook Energy Law and the Environment (Cambridge University Press: 2006) and Adrian J. Bradbrook, Rosemary Lyster, Richard L. Ottinger and Wang Xi (eds) The Law of Energy for Sustainable Development (Cambridge University Press: 2005). Rosemary is also the principal author of Rosemary Lyster, Zada Lipman, Nicola Franklin, Graeme Wiffen, Linda Pearson, Environmental and Planning Law in New South Wales (Federation Press: 2007).

Rosemary is the Energy and Water Special Editor of the Environmental Planning and Law Journal which is the leading environmental law journal in Australia. Rosemary is a member of the IUCN – The World Conservation Union Commission on Environmental Law, comprising environmental lawyers from around the world. She is a member of the Commission’s Special Working Groups on Water and Wetlands, Energy and Climate Change, and Forests.

Rosemary has an extensive list of publications including books, chapters in books and articles in leading international and domestic law journals. She is a regular presenter at international and domestic conferences.

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