About Professor Adrian Vickers

Dr Vickers has been carrying out research on Indonesia for almost thirty years, and in that period has observed the shifts in relations between Australia and Indonesia.

His disciplinary background is mainly in history, anthropology and cultural studies. As well as the Indonesian language, his research has involved drawing on sources in Balinese, Kawi (Old and Middle Javanese), and Dutch

Dr Vickers' research areas inlcude:

  • Indonesian history and historiography
  • Indonesian art
  • Panji stories in Southeast Asia
  • Labour and globalisation in the Asia-Pacific
  • Australian-Indonesian relations
Current projects inlcude:
  • The politics of Indonesian history since the fall of Suharto
  • Indonesian labour migration to northern Australia
  • The clothing industry in the Asia-Pacific
  • The history of Balinese painting 
Dr Vickers is currently supervising research on:
  • Australia and Indonesia
  • Indonesian art and culture
  • Indonesian history and politics
  • Southeast Asian history
  • Colonial history