About Associate Professor Kane Race

His research interests include gender and sexuality, popular culture and consumption, sociology of health and biomedicine, Foucaults ethics, biopolitics, citizenship, social policy, body technologies, and queer theory.

Kane has participated extensively in the social response to HIV/AIDS in Australia and has published widely on questions of risk, government and ethics in the context of HIV prevention, sexual practice and drug use. He maintains an interest in the principles and politics of harm reduction and, more generally, critical encounters between gender, sexuality and medicine. His forthcoming book, Pleasure Consuming Medicine (Duke University Press) approaches drugs as part of popular culture and considers social and political responses to this situation.

Selected publications


  • Race, K. (2009). Pleasure Consuming Medicine: the queer politics of drugs. Durham: Duke University Press
  • Hawkins, G., Potter, E., & Race, K. Plastic Water (under contract, MIT Press)
Book Chapters

  • Race, K. (2011) Party Animals: The significance of drug practices in the materialization of urban gay identity. In S. Fraser & D. Moore (eds.) The Drug Effect: Health, Crime & Society. Cambridge University Press
  • Hawkins, G. & Race K. (2011) Bottled Water Practices: Reconfiguring drinking in Bangkok households. In R. Lane & A. Gorman-Murray (eds.) Material Geographies of Household Sustainability. Ashgate.
  • Race, K. (2009) Queer substances: Of drugs, dogs and other piggy practices. In S. Murray & N. Sullivan. (eds.) Somatechnics: Queering the technologisation of bodies. Aldershot: Ashgate
  • Cáceres, C. and Race, K. (2010) Knowledge, power and HIV/AIDS: Research and the global response. In P. Aggleton and Parker, R. The International Handbook of Sexuality, Health and Rights. Routledge.
  • Race, K. (2007) Engaging in a culture of barebacking: gay men and the risk of HIV prevention. In K. Hannah-Moffat & O’Malley, P. (eds.) Gendered Risks. London: Glasshouse Press.
    REPRINT in M. Davis & Squire, C. (eds.) HIV, Technology, Subjectivity: International case studies of HIV treatment and prevention. Palgrave.
Refereed Journal Articles

  • Race, K. (2012) Frequent Sipping: bottled water, the will to health and the subject of hydration. Body and Society. 18, 3-4: 72-98.
  • Race, K. (2012) Framing Responsibility: HIV, biomedical research and the performativity of the law. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry. 9, 3: 327-338.
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  • Diprose, R., Stephenson, N., Mills, C., Race, K. & Hawkins, G. (2008) Governing the future: The paradigm of prudence in political technologies of risk management. Security Dialogue. 39 (2-3): 267-288.