About Dr Ian Young

Dr Ian Young has been teaching Classical Hebrew, Aramaic and Biblical Studies in the department since 1989.

Dr Young's areas of research include: language of the Hebrew Bible, especially linguistic dating of biblical books; textual criticism of the Hebrew Bible; canonization of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. His current projects include: Linguistic Dating of Biblical Books: An Introduction to Approaches and Problems. A Textual and Linguistic Commentary on the Book of Daniel.

Areas of Teaching and Research Supervision:


  • Hebrew Bible and related texts (e.g. Dead Sea Scrolls, inscriptions);
  • Aramaic;
  • Other Northwest Semitic languages (e.g. Phoenician);
  • Biblical Studies.


  • Language and Text of the Hebrew Bible.

Selected publications

  • 'Diversity in Pre-Exilic Hebrew', Forschungen zum Alten Testament 5, JCB Mohr (Paul Siebeck), Tübingen, 1993.
  • (ed.), 'Biblical Hebrew: Chronology and Typology.' Journal for the Study of the Old Testament Supplement, 369, T & T Clark, London, 2003.
  • 'Israelite Literacy: Interpreting the Evidence Parts I-II,' Vetus Testamentum, 46, 1998, pp.239-253; 408-422.
  • 'The Stabilization of the Biblical Text in the Light of Qumran and Masada: A Challenge for Conventional Qumran Chronology?' Dead Sea Discoveries 9, 2002, p.364-390.