About Dr Fiona Probyn-Rapsey

Dr Fiona Probyn-Rapsey's research and teaching interests include: multidisciplinary approaches to postcolonial feminism, transnationalism, whiteness studies, globalization and Australian studies.

BA Hons (Monash University), PhD (1999, Literature, University of New South Wales). Research, supervision and teaching areas include multidisciplinary approaches to postcolonial feminism, transnationalism, critical whiteness studies, Australian literature and film.

Selected publications


  • Probyn-Rapsey, F. Made to Matter, SUP, Sydney, 2012.
  • Johnston, J and F Probyn-Rapsey, Eds (forthcoming), Animal Death, SUP, Sydney, 2013.

Book Chapters

  • Probyn-Rapsey, F., 2013. (forthcoming), “The Whitest Animal”, in Animal Death, Jay Johnston and Fiona Probyn-Rapsey (Eds), SUP, Sydney 2013
  • Probyn-Rapsey, F., 2009. ‘Putting Complicity to work for Accountability’ in Commitment and Complicity in Cultural Theory and Practice, Eds, Bregje van Eekelen, Begüm Özden Firat, Sarah de Mul, Sonja van Wichelen , Palgrave Macmillan, London.
  • Probyn-Rapsey F., 2009 “Complicity, Critique and Methodology: Australian con/texts” in David Carter Ed. Australian Literature: Theory and Criticism, Edinburgh University Press and China Ocean University Press.
  • Probyn-Rapsey, F., 2007. 'Playing Chicken at the Intersection: The White Critic of Whiteness' in Damien Riggs Ed. Taking Up the Challenge: Critical Race and Whiteness Studies in a Postcolonising Nation, Crawford Publishers, Adelaide, pp. 322-346.

Refereed Journal Articles
  • Probyn-Rapsey, F., (2013), (forthcoming) “Stunning Australia” Humanimalia, Spring.
  • Probyn-Rapsey, F., (2011) “Furries and the Limits of Species Identity Disorder: A Response to Gerbasi et al” in Society and Animals 19 (2011):294-301.
  • Probyn-Rapsey, F., (2011) “White Closets, Jangling Nerves and a biopolitics of the public secret”, Australian Literary Studies, 27.
  • Probyn-Rapsey, F., (2008) “The Bushman and his daughters: the cultural politics of witnessing” Antipodes: A North American Journal of Australian Literature
  • Probyn-Rapsey, F., (2008) “Uplifting’ White Men: Maintenance, Marriage and Whiteness in Queensland, 1900-1910” Postcolonial Studies 12.1
  • Probyn-Rapsey, F., (2008) 'Country Matters: Sexing the Reconciled Republic of Australia' Feminist Review (UK), Issue 89, pp. 73-86