About Professor Margaret Miller

Professor Margaret Miller specializes in the archaeology of Greece.

Professor Miller studied classics at the University of British Columbia (BA) and Oxford University (BA), and classical archaeology at Harvard University (AM, PhD) and the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. She has excavated in England, Egypt, Greece and Turkey. Before her arrival at the University of Sydney she held positions at McMaster University and the University of Toronto. Her research focuses on the interaction between late Archaic and Classical Greece and the Achaemenid Empire, which entails study of the extent and nature of Achaemenid Persian presence in Anatolia. The value of Attic ceramic iconography as a tool of social history is a long-standing interest.

Articles and conference papers not yet published and in progress address representations of Greeks battling Persians on Attic pots and aspects of Western Anatolian receptivity to Achaemenid material expression in the sixth through fourth centuries BC. Current book projects include The Mythicization of the East: (Mis)Representing Persians in Attic Art. A second study "The Orientalization of Myth in Greek Art"� uses the iconography of myth to track the emergence of a specifically Greek sense of self.

Selected publications

Publications From Ritual to Drama: The Prehistory of Theatre in Ancient Greece and Elsewhere. Miller, Margaret Christina et al., 2007

"Betwixt and Between: Western Anatolia in the Persian Period" (Mattusch, Carol et al) in

“Barbarian Lineage in Classical Greek Mythology and Art: Pelops, Danaos and Kadmos” - Miller, Margaret Christina in, (ed)