About Dr Bruce Gardiner

Dr Bruce Gardiner's research interests include: Education and erudition - bibliography, quotation, citation, and plagiarism, the history of expository and ratiocinative English prose; Literature and Scripture - reading, reverie, and dreaming, surrealism, psychoanalysis, and phenomenology; Poetry and poetics, medieval to contemporary - literary thematics, regional and local traditions, the poetics of prose, ut pictura poesis, and voice and image in poetry and communications technologies; American literatures - Meso-American, Native American, African American, and Caribbean, and the literary traditions of New York State, New England, New Mexico, and the Tidewater South; Literature and royal courts (in England, France, and Japan), literary households (Romantic and Victorian), avant-gardes (Decadent and Modernist), and cities (New York and New Orleans).

Selected publications

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