About Professor Jennifer Gamble

To understand how this intriguing organ; the endothelium regulates so many key aspects of blood vessels function.

Professor Jennifer Gamble is an internationally recognised research leader in the field of endothelial cell function.

Professor Gamble has headed a highly successful research team for over 20 years, investigating endothelial cell function. Her initial publication in this area established the endothelium as a dynamic organ central to the control of inflammatory processes. Her work since then has focused on understanding the biological and more recently the molecular events and the signalling pathways that control the endothelium. She relocated to Sydney from Adelaide in January 2007 to establish the Vascular Biology Program at the Centenary Institute. In Adelaide she was a Foundation Scientist of the Hanson Institute. She has been funded continually since 1986 by the NHMRC and is a member of the NHMRC Program Grant on Leucocyte-Endothelial Cell Biology. She has served on NHMRC Fellowship and Grant Research Panels. She has published over 100 papers. The goals of her supervision of PhD students is to give them a sound basis in scientific processes, to help them develop scientific curiosity but at the same time produce one scientific paper with high international interest.

Selected publications

For a comprehensive list of Professor Gamble's publicatons, please visit her Sydney Medical School profile page.