About Dr Betsi Beem

Dr Betsi Beem’s research interests include the intersection science and international and domestic policy and politics.

Dr Beem examines the ways in which science, or other forms of expert knowledge, gain authority in political decision making, while also attending to agenda setting dynamics. The interaction of issue frames, decision venues, and advocacy groups that transcends national borders in environmental policy making is of particular interest.

Dr Beem’s research focuses on marine policy areas and she has done extensive work on the roles of science and policy learning in the development of fisheries policies for the management of blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay. Her current research projects include evaluating the dynamics of change that led to the re-zoning of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park; examining implementation of the World Heritage Convention in advanced democracies and how policy instruments create new domestic political institutions that may provide opportunities or constraints to national and international advocacy groups; and a comparison of marine protection policies in the US and Australia.

Selected publications

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