About Professor Dick Bryan

Research interests include: Australian economic policy; Balance of payments; Globalisation; International financial markets; International finance and investment; Theories of money; Marxian Economic Theory; Marxist; The media; Trade

Dick Bryan joined Political Economy in 1984. Over the subsequent quarter of a century, he has researched and taught on two related areas: theories of value and distribution and the evolving global economic system. An on-going theme here is the breaking down of national barriers to trade, investment and finance and the associated breaking down of national systems of economic calculation.

Of more recent times this focus has shifted towards international finance, and financial derivatives and securities in particular: both how they are transforming our understanding of economic processes and changing wider social relations. Dick's most recent book on this theme, written with Michael Rafferty, is Capitalism with Derivatives: A Political Economy of Financial Derivatives, Capital and Class (2006).

Selected publications

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