About Dr Bill Dunn

Research interests include: Marxist Political Economy; Global Integration; Trade; Crises; The Nature of Work; Labour Movements.

Dr Dunn's primary interests in the Global Political Economy of Labour involve three ongoing interrelated projects.
Firstly, considering the economic role of work and developing value theory in the tradition of classical political economy. Work is understood as central to social and economic life and to the production of surpluses that can be usefully re-invested. Acknowledging discrepancies between value and price is then taken as the starting point rather than the end of investigations of complex and contested interactions.

Secondly, his research examines changes and continuities in the nature and geography of work. This has informed his work on trade and the historical development of global capitalism. The long term project is to provide a more adequate and nuanced mapping of the way globally integrated and locally specific production systems interact and change over time.

Thirdly, his research investigates labour as a social and political movement and the way this is shaped by ideological, institutional and material changes. This involves an empirical engagement with longstanding debates about the relationship between structure and agency, which have been neglected in some of the more influential writing on the transition from 'old' to 'new' social movements and in writing-off the potential of labour as a collective social agent.

Selected publications

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