About Professor Danielle Celermajer

Research interests include: The key research question that motivates all of my specific research endeavours is, "What are the principles and practices required to construct socially just political communities in the context of diversity (religious, racial, economic, ethnic and political) and in the light of historical violations?" As such, my more specific research interests include: Dealing with past violations, and in particular the role of reparative mechanisms and actions; The cultural and social dimensions of human rights violations; The intersection between theological and political normative theory in relation to issues of justice; Theories and practices of Social justice; Human rights education; The prevention of human rights violations and transformative human rights practice. I am also a political theorist with particular interests in the work of Hannah Arendt and Emmanuel Levinas, as well as a range of contemporary social theorists including Pierre Bourdieu, Jacques Lacan, Iris Marion Young and Bruno Latour.

Role at the University of Sydney: Since coming to the University of Sydney, I created two postgraduate programmes in human rights, including a networked regional Masters of Human Rights and Democratisation funded by the European Union. As founding director of this program, and of the Sydney Masters of Human Rights, my major institutional focus involved the development of strong interdisciplinary pedagogies and structures to support cutting edge, research and practice oriented human rights education in Australia and in the region. In 2012, I received a second 1.5 million euro grant from the European Union to run a multi-country action research project on the prevention of torture. This project resulted in a set of interventions with the police and armed police and police in Nepal and military in Sri Lanka and a set of publications that can be found at http://sydney.edu.au/arts/research/ehrp/research/publications.shtml

Selected publications

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