About Professor Michael Humphrey

Research interests include: large scale social change and the governability of social life, strongly framed by the impact of globalization on the relationship and connections between societies in the North and South. Themes of his research have included international migration, refugees, multiculturalism, community, the city, war, terrorism, law, human rights and transnational governance. The major areas of his research have been in 2 areas: ‘Islam in the West’ and ‘Political Violence and Social Healing’.

Research supervision topics include violence and the nation-state in crisis; contemporary wars and terrorism; transitional justice; trauma, reconciliation and justice; governmentality and transgovernmentality; exclusion and citizenship; human rights politics; the future of megacities; biopolitics, health and human rights; globalised Islam; insecurity and the normalisation of violence. Areas of political and cultural expertise include, Lebanese diaspora, contemporary Lebanese politics and society, Islam in Australia; truth politics and political transitions in South America and Africa, post-transition human rights in Argentina, Uruguay and South Africa, post-transition violence in Argentina and South Africa.

Selected publications

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