About Associate Professor Corinne Caillaud

Dr Caillaud is an active academic member of the Faculty of Health Sciences and the Charles Perkins Centre at the University of Sydney. Her area of expertise lies in the field of exercise physiology with a special interest in energy metabolism and stress responses in relation to health outcomes. In particular, her work investigating the metabolic effect of erythropoietin (EPO) has contributed knew knowledge to the field and to a better understanding of EPO’s mechanism of action in metabolic tissues. Dr Caillaud has also researched how thermal environment such as heat exposure or cryotherapy treatment can modulate heat shock protein response and participate to metabolic adaptations. Her research projects investigate the effect of different interventions including physical exercise, heat/cold stress, and diet manipulation in both human and animal models. More recently, Dr Caillaud research also focused on the use of human centred technologies such as portable sensors with the aim to better characterise physical activity, metabolic adaptations and environmental stressors in humans “on the go”. She is currently developing research projects investigating how technology can help understand human adaptation in “real environment” and assist people to engage in healthy behaviours leading to improved metabolic health. Dr Caillaud is also committed to enhance the student learning experience and to support students in developing professional skills. Her current projects in education include developing a model for flipped classroom in health sciences, peer-mentoring and developing professional communication skills.

Dr Caillaud has wide experience in exercise physiology gained over several years of research in this field and has worked with different populations including young and master athletes as well as elderly healthy individuals. She started her academic career in France and still has active collaborations with Europe.

Dr. Caillaud is a member of the Exercise Physiology and Nutrition research team.

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Selected publications

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