About Professor Karl Maton

Research interests include: knowledge-building, education and society, including all aspects of higher education, disciplinary knowledge, interdisciplinarity, schooling, and educational technology.

Karl Maton is Director of the “LCT Centre for Knowledge-Building” at the University of Sydney. Karl is the creator of Legitimation Code Theory (LCT), which is being widely used to shape research and practice in education, sociology and linguistics. LCT is now an international and multidisciplinary community, including scholars in Australia, China, Europe, South Africa, South America, the UK and the USA, among others. There is a friendly and highly active community of LCT postgraduates and postdoctoral researchers at the University of Sydney, including: S-Club, a weekly data analysis workshop; LCT Roundtable, an internationally-renowned fortnightly seminar series; and LCT-OG, a PhD support group. 
Karl Maton completed his PhD on The Field of Higher Education at the University of Cambridge. He has extensively published in sociology, education and linguistics, and previously worked at the University of Cambridge, The Open University, Keele University and the University of Wollongong. Karl is currently Honorary Professor at Rhodes University, South Africa. His most recent books include the widely praised Knowledge and Knowers: Towards a realist sociology of education (2014, Routledge), which sets out key ideas of LCT, and Knowledge-building: Educational studies in Legitimation Code Theory (2016, Routledge), a primer for using the approach.

For more information on the many research projects, PhDs, research networks, meetings, an lectures series in the approach created by Dr Maton, see Legitimation Code Theory (LCT).

Karl is particularly looking for PhD students to explore all aspects of education, knowledge, disciplinarity, educational linguistics, and intellectual change. In addition, get in touch if you are interested in the following:

  • visual imagery - how different fields use different diagrams and figures to visualise their ideas, and their effects on knowledge-building
  • the institutionalisation of British cultural studies - analysing a unique archive (possessed by Dr Maton) of the first ever undergraduate degree in cultural studies

Selected publications

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