About Dr Caroline West

Dr Caroline West’s main areas of teaching and research interest are in metaphysics (especially personal identity); ethics; political philosophy; philosophy and psychology of well-being; applied ethics and political philosophy (including bioethics, corporate social responsibility, free speech, institutional design and wellbeing); and feminist philosophy.

She has published in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Journal of Political Philosophy, Canadian Journal of Philosophy and the Journal of Value Inquiry. She is author of the entry on "Pornography and Censorship" in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Among other projects, she is currently writing a book on Happiness, forthcoming with Routledge in 2008.

Dr Caroline West is a member of the Council of the Australasian Association of Philosophy; and is currently also Media Officer for the Association.

Selected publications

'Scorekeeping in a Pornographic Language Game' (with Rae Langton) Australasian Journal of Philosophy 77(3), September, 1999: 309-319

'Temporal-Phase Pluralism', (with David-Braddon-Mitchell) Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 62(1), January, 2001: 59-83

'The Free Speech Argument Against Pornography', Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 33(3), September, 2003: 391-422

'What is Free Speech?' (with David Braddon-Mitchell), The Journal of Political Philosophy 12(4), 2004: 437:460.

'Liberalism and Mental Mediation' (with Daniel Nolan), Journal of Value Inquiry, 38(2), 2004: 186-202.

‘Moral Fictionalism versus the rest’ (with Daniel Nolan and Greg Restall), Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Volume 83, Number 3/September 2005, 307-330.

"Definition of the Good Life", Reform Issue 88, 'Life, Law and Leisure' Winter 2006

The Politics of Hope, Australian Review of Public Affairs, 20 June 2005

"Are Some Humans More Equal Than Others?", Australian Review of Public Affairs, 10 May 2004